8. Vector Data Structures

The SUNDIALS library comes packaged with a variety of NVECTOR implementations, designed for simulations in serial, shared-memory parallel, and distributed-memory parallel environments, as well as interfaces to vector data structures used within external linear solver libraries. All native implementations assume that the process-local data is stored contiguously, and they in turn provide a variety of standard vector algebra operations that may be performed on the data.

In addition, SUNDIALS provides a simple interface for generic vectors (akin to a C++ abstract base class). All of the major SUNDIALS solvers (CVODE(s), IDA(s), KINSOL, ARKODE) in turn are constructed to only depend on these generic vector operations, making them immediately extensible to new user-defined vector objects. The only exceptions to this rule relate to the dense, banded and sparse-direct linear system solvers, since they rely on particular data storage and access patterns in the NVECTORS used.