2. ARKODE Documentation

Authors: Daniel R. Reynolds, David J. Gardner, Carol S. Woodward, and Cody J. Balos

Contributors: The SUNDIALS library has been developed over many years by a number of contributors. The current SUNDIALS team consists of Cody J. Balos, David J. Gardner, Alan C. Hindmarsh, Daniel R. Reynolds, and Carol S. Woodward. We thank Radu Serban for significant and critical past contributions.

Other contributors to SUNDIALS include: James Almgren-Bell, Lawrence E. Banks, Peter N. Brown, George Byrne, Rujeko Chinomona, Scott D. Cohen, Aaron Collier, Keith E. Grant, Steven L. Lee, Shelby L. Lockhart, John Loffeld, Daniel McGreer, Yu Pan, Slaven Peles, Cosmin Petra, Steven B. Roberts, H. Hunter Schwartz, Jean M. Sexton, Dan Shumaker, Steve G. Smith, Shahbaj Sohal, Allan G. Taylor, Hilari C. Tiedeman, Chris White, Ting Yan, and Ulrike M. Yang.

Table of Contents: