7. KINSOL Documentation

This is the documentation for KINSOL, a solver for nonlinear algebraic systems. It includes a Newton-Krylov solver as well as Picard and fixed point solvers, both of which can be accelerated with Anderson acceleration. KINSOL is based on the previous Fortran package NKSOL of Brown and Saad.

KINSOL is written in C, with C++ and Fortran interfaces.

This work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under Contract DE-AC52-07NA27344.

Authors: Alan C. Hindmarsh, Radu Serban, Cody J. Balos, David J. Gardner, Daniel R. Reynolds, and Carol S. Woodward.

Contributors: The SUNDIALS library has been developed over many years by a number of contributors. The current SUNDIALS team consists of Cody J. Balos, David J. Gardner, Alan C. Hindmarsh, Daniel R. Reynolds, and Carol S. Woodward. We thank Radu Serban for significant and critical past contributions.

Other contributors to SUNDIALS include: James Almgren-Bell, Lawrence E. Banks, Peter N. Brown, George Byrne, Rujeko Chinomona, Scott D. Cohen, Aaron Collier, Keith E. Grant, Steven L. Lee, Shelby L. Lockhart, John Loffeld, Daniel McGreer, Yu Pan, Slaven Peles, Cosmin Petra, Steven B. Roberts, H. Hunter Schwartz, Jean M. Sexton, Dan Shumaker, Steve G. Smith, Shahbaj Sohal, Allan G. Taylor, Hilari C. Tiedeman, Chris White, Ting Yan, and Ulrike M. Yang.

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